2012 Lake George Winter Fest Photos……

A winter festival without the winter. 50 degree temperatures. A lake not frozen over. Melting ice sculptures. But a staff of volunteers doing their best to make it the best (whoever made that chilli, it was wonderful).

Alas–enter the Polar Bears. Now, even though the lake is not frozen over, it is icy. I leaned over and stuck my hand in and my fingers were numb in seconds. Yes, seconds. So imagine standing in a swim suit and running in to the thirty degree water, chest deep, then turning around and running out? To give you the heads up, you do have a Release of Liability form to sign before you make the plunge.



Lake George is the most beautiful lake in the country. And past memories include helicopters landing on ice, bon fires, the sparkle of fireworks flashing across the frozen  ice with deautiful colors dancing across the glimmer.



Thw swim is over in a sec!

This year…? By no means the lake’s fault. Or the volunteers. This one we blame on Mother Nature.







Ice sculptures stand melting, where a mighty king’s throne usually stands




Little people resort to skipping stones.




The streets stand empty….




But that chilli? Still really, really good.




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