Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace

Best burgers in the world? (No, really)

Go into the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and ask any guard how to get to Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace. It may be a walk, depending on which side you park, but it is a walk that is totally worth it. These burgers are GOOD. I am going to say probably the BEST burger we’ve ever had (a close second is River City Cafe in Myrtle Beach).

You order off a menu attached to the wall. Average price is eight bucks or so, which is a bargain. There is a kid’s menu, and kids get a full size burger, fries and drink for less. My personal favorite is the scrumptuous blue cheese and bacon, but there is a burger of the month. (how about Smoke Cheddar, Green Onion Slaw and Mustard BBQ sauce?)

Sides are extra, but again–worth it. A huge portion of potato fries with a horseradish sauce will keep you busy throughout the evening.

To top it all off: The milkshakes: Vanilla Bean, chocolate, or a variety of flavors, one better than the next.

Bobby Flay Burgers. Mohegan Sun. Be there! (kids welcomed. You just need to walk around the gaming floor and not through it)


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