Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach

Broadway at the Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you visit Myrtle Beach, one must-visit attraction is Broadway on the Beach. It is a large outdoor plaza, where you can shop, eat, zipline—yes, zipline—or simply walk around. It is constructed around a large lake that is FILLED with carp. You can actually stop and throw a quarter in and feed them from any of the bridges or railings. This is the same pond you can zipine across (assuming, of course, it’s not too windy!)

There is really too much to do to mention. But there’s arcades, a KISS coffee shop (true! Will review next, but frankly, their coffee isn’t that good, but the memorabilia is awesome), a mirror maze, you name it. There is also one restaurant after the other. You can eat light, or dine high end, it’s all here.

We like Senior Frogs on a hot Summer day. The deck it great, the burgers pretty good, ad the views simply marvelous.

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