Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Man

Reader Submitted

Sitting there wondering what the most delicious vanilla custard ice cream on the planet tastes like? How about a scoop of melon ice cream (Hand Melon, that is)? Or Champagne Sorbet?

Ever wonder who has great ice cream in Saratoga? Or the best, for that matter, in the Capital Region?

If you’re standing in the middle of Saratoga, you’ll see a sign that says Route 29. Turn right onto Route 29 East, and you’ll go past a playground and a few buildings, and then, within minutes, you enter country. Real pretty country, with the Vermont mountains on your right. Where on earth does this Route 29 take you?

Go to the end and you reach a “T”.

Make a left, and you’ll hit Champlain Canal Tours.

Make a right and stay straight, you’ll hit Saratoga Battlefield.

Make a right, go a hundred yards, make a left on Route 29 and follow it up the hill…past the Washington County Fairgrounds….you’ll see the Ice Cream Man on your left.

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