Lady and Son’s Restaurant

The Lady and Son’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia is by far my favorite place to eat-anywhere. Anyone who watches the Food Network knows of the owner, Paula Deen. I cannot go to Savannah without eating here. I’ve always hoped to be able to meet her, but she doesn’t seem to be at the restaurant very often.

If you love Southern foods and “Soul” food, this is definitely the place for you! Although they do sell some items al a carte, I would suggest getting the bar where you have a huge selection of delicious dishes. Some of the things you will find on the bar are fried chicken, baked chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes, yams, lima beans, black eye peas, macaroni and cheese, and green beans. There is also a great salad bar with a wide variety of choices.

Before you leave, be sure to stop by the gift shop. If you like the food, you can get one of Paula’s many cookbooks. There are also some pre-made mixes to help you out. I like the shirts, aprons, and mugs they sell. If you are familiar with Paula Deen, you know she is always saying “Hey Ya’ll”. Much of her merchandise has this phrase on it as well.

I must warn you though, you have not seen a line for a restaurant until you see this one! When I say lunch begins at 11am, I mean you better be in line by no later than 9 am, or you may not be eating there!  But I must say, the wait is well worth it. I do have a suggestion on getting around this horrible line. They take reservations for parties of 10 and more and there is no waiting involved. If you have less than 10 people, you can still make a reservation and walk right in- if you’re not shy! Find some people who are waiting in line and get them to join you! You will be eating with some strangers, but I would rather do that than be in line for two hours. When you look at this long line of people who are tired and hungry, I promise you will be able to find some people who would be thrilled to join you!

For reservations, call 912.233.2600. For more information and a complete menu, visit


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