NYC Best Truffle Showdown

Teucher Chocolate v. Les Maisson du Chocolat

There are two hidden secrets in Rockefeller Center you must see your next trip to New York: Teucher Chocolates and Les Maisson. Teucher is the most visible, standing proudly at the corner of the entrance to the skating rink and 5th Avenue. Teucher is around the corner, tucked away, but the staff in Teucher will gleefully give you directions. “Go here, make a right.” To 30 Rockefeller Center, that is.

Teucher now has competition

Both chocolates are superb.  Both are brutally expensive. Which is why when we visit New York, we have a battle of the truffles: A truffle or two from each store, one of which is usually bearing the name “Champagne this” or “Champagne that.”

Why only a truffle or two??

To play it safe, we assume when a security guard is opening the door for you, as they are at Les Maisson, things can be embarrassing when you’re asking how much that pound of chocolate is. After all, as the saying goes, if you have to ask…

Or perhaps you’re trying to impress your sweetheart, and things go terribly awry at the checkout counter.

Well, we didn’t ask but we did do some quick math: Prices vary widely for the item you’re buying, but at Teucher, you’re handing over roughly $60 a pound, and Les Maisson comes in at–sit down–$112 a pound. For a few truffles from each store, you “get the idea” for under twenty bucks. Of course, when you’re in the middle of Manhattan, playing it Chic, and the sales persons tells you $112 a pound, your instinct is to yell out, “I’ll take two!”

Hence the security guard.

Les Maisson decked out in gold

My son and wife also ordered hot chocolates, and they came in at $24 for two. For once, being lactose intolerant saved me.

But the Les Maisson truffles await

However, i did take a sip of that gold-quality chocolate and did come away saying, “wow.”

If you miss the Rockefeller Center Les Maisson, there is another one conveniently located at 1018 Madison Avenue, as you march for a nice restaurant uptown.

In the meantime, we shall see you there. But no snitching. There’s a security guard watching.

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