On Board Megabus!


I had to go to NYC to give a speech on the hottest day of the year. The raw temperature was 98. The heat index? Not sure, but the heat from the sidewalk was coming up through the bottom of my shoes.

I usually take Amtrak (the ride along the Hudson River is absolutely beautiful), but the train was BOOKED. No seats, all day.

Driving—too expensive for 1 person, worth it for two or more.

So I took Megabus, the bus that can get you there for a BUCK! Yes, 1 dollar to NYC and back (depending on time of day).

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and honestly, I haven’t sat on a bus in decades! But here’s the verdict: DOUBLE THUMBS UP.

The crowd was wonderful (no riff-raff on mine, a great crowd), the bus was new, modern, double decker, ICE COLD AIR, and it even had wi-fi (the wi-fi was sporadic at best, but something was better than nothing).

But the BEST part: Round trip from Albany, NY to NYC and back: 28 BUCKS! $14 each way! You can’t drive that cheap, and the train will cost you a hundred.

I was ABSOLUTELY impressed (and even got the chance to sit next to someone who used to work for the same company I did thirty years ago!)

Of course, the Albany train station built a big fancy parking lot and charges to park there now (used to be free). But in the end:

Hats off to Mega Bus!

You can ONLY buy tickets on line, which bugged me because my printer wasn’t working and I had to find a way to print them out on a Sunday night. But that was the only complaint!

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One thought on “On Board Megabus!

  1. Rich,

    We loved Megabus take it all the time. We even took Megabus to DC, last year, with a change in NYC FOr $34 a person.