Our Herkimer Getaway

My wife and I recently celebrated our 24th Anniversary and we couldn’t have picked a nicer weekend. You never know what the weather is going to be like in early April but it was just beautiful. We began our weekend by going to Little Falls NY. We spent the better part of 3 hours hiking the perimeter of Moss Island taking several breaks to sit and look over this amazing terrain. A lot of people go there to rock climb but I enjoyed exploring this little island.

I enjoy hiking but what I enjoy most about it is exploring off the trail sometimes which, if you’re a hiker, you know is a no no. In this case I figured it was safe, well it was safe as far as not being able to get lost. I mean, after all we were on an island. I must admit though, there are a lot of dangers here if your exploring the edge of the island. One bad decision or slip and it can be a long way to fall. I was pretty careful though as my wife tends to fall even on flat surfaces. I took lots of pictures but pictures don’t do this place justice. You really have to see it for yourself.

After our hiking we walked into little falls and ate at a pizza place. I think it was called Ed’s. I was either starving or it was really good pizza. I’m thinking it was the latter.

We left Little Falls and headed to Herkimer and the Bellinger Rose Bed & Breakfast. We stayed in the Tiffany Rose room which was beautiful as is this whole B&B. Leon and Chris were wonderful hosts and there was a long list of breakfast choices. Everything was perfect; from the wine Leon had picked out for us for our romantic evening to the company we enjoyed our breakfast with.

The next day we headed for Van Hornesville and the Robert Woodruff outdoor learning center. It was a short hike in and out with lots to see. There are a few small waterfalls and one sizeable one I think they call Creamery Falls. There were also a few caves to explore. Not deep but still interesting. As nice as the weather had been there was still snow on this trail so we didnt do all of it but what we did see was gorgeous.
We left Van Hornesville and stopped in Fort Plain for some pizza (yes we do like our pizza) and enjoyed it at some picnic tables by one of the locks there. Then on to Canajoharie and the Wintergreen Park. A short trail out to another waterfall. I guess you could say my wife and I are simple people; we like our pizza and our waterfalls. After that we headed home to East Greenbush. It was a wonderful getaway that I think we’ll always remember.

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