Prospect Mountain

Prospect Mountain, Lake George

Just before you enter Lake George Village (on Route 9, heading north) is a small sign that reads, “Prospect Mountain”. It’s funny, but a lot of people have passed that sign and never went up! It’s called the 100 mile view–and for a reason!

This is a beautiful peak in the Adirondacks, with a catch–you can drive up! You can also just walk the road up, or take the trail (ask any local where the trail head is). But for the mere cost of an admission ticket, you can have the beauty of the Adirondacks right at your finger tips, and never have to break a sweat to see the same views hikers have to hike hours to find.

The ride up comes in two stages: The long, twisty ride, with three intermittent stops, eventually leads to a false summit. From there, you can take a shuttle ride to the top, or a short hike, to the true summit.

Whichever way you choose, summit is a beautiful mountain, with gorgeous views in all directions. You can see Vermont in the distance.

Walk around, enjoy the fresh air, sit on one of the many large slabs of rock and enjoy the beauty of Lake George from above.

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