Salmon River Fall Run

Salmon River Fall Run

Pulaski, NY

Whether you fish or not, Pulaski, New York is one of the most incredible places I have ever been to. It is a small hamlet about an hour north of Syracuse, sitting on the Salmon River. The Salmon River itself is a tributary to Lake Ontario.

The key aspect of the Salmon River is the fish hatchery. There, every Fall, adults and children alike can get up close and personal with the ultimate circle of life as they watch giant Salmon return to their birthplace.

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The hatchery offers guided tours. You can see how Salmon eggs are incubated, and how small Salmon are released into this narrow, small tributary of the Salmon River.

The fish make their way down stream to Lake Ontario, where they live for 2-3 years. And then in migrartion, as full adult Salmon ready to spawn, they work their way back to their birthplace, the hatchery.

You will see giant Salmon working their way up the ladders back to the hatchery, where their eggs are removed and the circle of life starts over again.

Now to the fishing part: This when the fishing is allowed, and it is STRICTLY regulated. Assume a New York DEC agent is the kind fellow fisherman asking you what kind of line you’re using.

You shorten the learning curve, we hired a private guide in a drift boat. Was about $350 plus tip for a day’s use of his boat and equipment and a whole lot of fun.

Season runs until October.

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