Saratoga Battlefield

Saratoga National Battlefield

Saratoga, NY

This article isn’t a lengthy, detailed article about the Battle of Saratoga. Heck, no—there’s lots of that out there already, treatises, in fact. And the government covers lots of it on its own web site,

But here are some neat photos of the turning point in the American Revolution. I am looking at this not from the perspective of the history buff—but from the perspective of the weekender. A hike. A picnic. This place is beautiful. You don’t need another history lesson from me. If you’re looking for a cool place to visit, on the other hand—just for the beauty and the hike—keep looking at these mesmerizing photos.

The John Nielson House was used as an American headquarters

Now, this is awfully interesting. Benedict Arnold was a hero at the Battle of Saratoga. He ambushed

English positions from behind, and was wounded in the boot at this spot.

We also know he was found to be a traitor, and the “You’re a Benedict Arnold” saying has been a stab in the back insult for anyone on the receiving end of it.

This boot is a nameless monument. We’re not allowed to say it’s a monument to Arnold, because of his traitor status.

But we all know who it stands in recognition for.

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