Savannah Safari

The Savannah Safari is a wonderful way to keep the kids entertained while the adults take in the historic district in Savannah.  This is a great way to learn all about the historic district and the many gardens and squares located throughout.

Savannah Safari is a company that offers a self-guided or safari-guided tour. The tours come complete with a booklet for the kids to keep. You will then go on a treasure hunt to find the architectural animals in the gardens and squares.  You should allow approximately an hour and a half to complete this.

If you chose to take the self-guided tour, all you pay is $6 for the booklet and you are ready for your adventure.  If you chose the tour guide, you will pay $50. One guide can handle 15 people. If you have more people than that, you will need an additional tour guide.  Patches are also available for $2 each. These are great for the scouts!

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