Scentsy Wickless Candles

Scentsy products offer your home incredible scents, mood lighting and safety. There are so many reasons why having a lighted candle system is better than a traditional candle. The number one factor is value! You get to enjoy your favorite scent with a flick of the switch. The scent lasts up to eight hours for one little cube of wax. When you have a traditional candle, the wick can melt into the candle or it may burn out too quickly. When you use Scentsy, you decide when you want to use it. It can be poured back into the container and switched out for another scent and then you can reuse that same wax at another time.

Another great reason for using Scentsy is your safety and health. The essential oils inside the Scentsy bars are released into the air, not the soot or wax. When you burn a normal candle, you are inhaling the wax and the soot along with the essential oils. With Scentsy you just enjoy the wonderful scent and that is it! This is why many people with sensitive lungs can enjoy our candle system without harm to their health. You also hear of tragic stories of a candle starting a house fire or a kid playing with an open flame. Candles with real flames can be dangerous and deadly. With Scentsy candle warmers you no longer have that worry. You can turn it off and on like a regular lamp!

Scentsy also has many products that you can take with you when traveling such as Scent Circles, Travel Tins, Room Spray, Scent Paks and don’t forget the Scentsy Buddies for the kiddos!
Come see all Scentsy has to offer.  Easy online ordering and quick delivery right to your doorstep!
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