Shanta Paloma’s CD Release Party-The Elevens, Northampton, MA

Shanta Paloma’s CD Release Party
The Elevens, Northampton, MA
April 11, 2013
by Eric Sutter
A milestone personal and professional achievement by local  singer-songwriter Shanta Paloma will occur Thursday, April 11th at 8pm at  the Elevens when her debut CD release party happens. The CD consists of  songs from the past decade that symbolize love and truth,  all presented in her unique Indie rock style with full band. In the  Spotlight (ITS) spoke to her recently.
ITS: How did you get your start in music?
Shanta: I have always been interested. When I was 15, I secretly  took my Dad’s guitar and played his Beatles anthology song book. “Eleanor  Rigby” was the first song I learned. That is when I started writing. At  Wesleyan University, I learned World Music. I took guitar lessons from       Pioneer Valley native Sue Burkhart. Moving to NYC, I gigged in  singer-songwriter sessions including CBGB’s. Eventually, I moved back to  the Valley and became a music teacher and gigged.
ITS: Who inspired you musically growing up?
Shanta: My father, who played sitar in an Indian restaurant, and my  mother,who played violin. As for musical artists, the 80′s hair metal,    90′s alternative rock, jazz and flamenco/bossa nova artists.
ITS: The song from your CD “Under Your Kiss” is a video on YouTube.  Where was it filmed?
Shanta: In Monson behind my bass player Jesse Mushenko’s house. He filmed it while I sang it with my guitar in a tree. He swung around like a  monkey to get it all.
ITS: Is there a song that connects you to fellow artist Matto, who   paints as you sing at occasional solo gigs?
Shanta: There is one love song called “Rhapsodic Inspiration” that I  wrote in college. That one fits us perfectly.
ITS: What are your future aspirations?
Shanta: Basically to continue writing and performing with the band.   We are planning “The Badass to Baroque Tour to Las Vegas” for spring,  2014. I also want a studio to write, record and sell songs from. As a  musician, I want to become a better classical player.
ITS: Good luck on your endeavors and CD release party.
Shanta: It is very exciting. Thanks, and I hope to see you  there.
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