The BEST Motorcycle Show EVER


They call it “Riding the Wall of Death” and no one does it better than The California Hell Riders ( didyouweekend¬† had a chance to meet up with them at the Dutchess Fair Grounds Antique National Motorcycle Meet. The show was free with the price of admission. We enjoyed the show so much, we saw them twice!

And here’s how it works (you have to follow the pictures for this one!)


You get called in, climb some stairs, and find yourself looking down into a huge vat, with one go-kart and two motorcycles:


Rider 1 climbs into go kart and races around in a tight circle, gradually climbing wall so he is literally driving vertically, in a tight circle, at at least 30 mph, holding on by fighting g-forces and centrifical force!



A stunning female  rider climbs on a bike and does the same act, this time with two wheels instead of four, getting even higher towards the crowd.

(Act FOUR, by the way, is the woman and the go- kart going at the same time, missing each other at high speeds by just inches).


The show-stopper

Want to tip these performers? We did! And so did the rest of the crowd. Hold your money out, and a third rider gets on his bike and spins around as close to the audience as he can, taking the tip out of your hand. The speed is incredible. The G forces so strong, he follows up by setting cruise control and taking his hands off the bars and sitting sideways.

Holding the money….

Now it’s gone.

The performance CANNOT BE BEAT.

California Hell Riders-We love you guys! Where helmets, though. We want you around forever!

Check their website for their schedules. This show is NOT to be missed!



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