The Sexy Hybrid-Has it Finally Arrived?

Look at this grill. Does it belong on a Jag? How about a Lotus?

With the New York International Car Show looming in just four weeks, we headed to the Times Union Center’s car show for a sneak preview of what is out there. We didn’t go to see the Lambos and Italian mistresses the New York Show offers, because you won’t find those here. But you will find something else cool: Hybrids. And lots of them. Hybrid seems to be the word for 2012, and with gas flirting with Five, then backing down, we’re all kind of happy.

The show stopper for me–sit down–and the proud owner of this grill, was the 2013 Ford  Fusion! Yes, true. In real life, up close and personal, this thing was HOT (as was the beautiful model standing next to it). It had lines, and a grill that would leave you wondering what European monster was coming up behind you in your rear view mirror. All with 41 mpg.

It’s the 2013 Fusion Hybrid. And I want one.

If you were looking class and elegance, the Lincoln MKZ wins that award. Yes, another American car that turned heads past all the rest. This is a Lincoln with the ride and comfort we all know.

It is large, it holds five adults, and it gets 41 mpg. Yes, an eye=popping 41 for a large sedan. And there is no other hybrid that you would want to pull into the Valet Parking lane in.

The Lincoln MKZ. I want one of these, too. The ONLY Hybrid you would take a first date in.





There were also battery powered cars there, namely Chevy’s Volt and the Nissan Leaf.

The Volt. Production slowed to let demand keep up with supply.

Great concept, but the money, you can get a great hybrid.

Here’s my take: They are expensive, each topping $30,000, with a range of just over 100 miles. Nissan’s Leaf does hold a car of the year award, and the Volt held off production for sales to catch production. If I had an extra thirty grand in my poclket, I “might” for the novelty. But the hundred miles is not going to get you very far, and that buys an awful lot of gas. So at this stage, I am leaning hybrid.

Mitsubishi introduced its own battery operated car, called the Miev.

 Honorable Mention:

Volkswagen has some great cars, including the Passat Diesel. Passat is the larger four door sedan, and has the Audi big brother feel. New last year, a late comer, is a diesel that also gets 50+ miles to the gallon. This show did not sport a diesel. They are a bit harder to find, and average $31,000. That’s not a bad price for almost 800 miles to the tank. Yes, it is diesel, which also costs a tad more per gallon. But the Passat is a refined automobile that can holds its own against its bigger European brothers. I also owe my life to a Passat I owned that was totalled by a maniac doing 80 mph in a 30, running from police, till my little four door sedan stopped the madwoman. But that’s another story.

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